Although they may look similar to one another, zebras and horses are not the same species.

Don’t listen to my stupid brother. This is no zebra. It’s clearly a horse, and I’ve named him Morse. Morse the Horse! He’s a horse from his nose to his tail! And if you took a really narrow cross-section of him, like for science or something, it would tell ya the same thing: he’s just like all the other horses, and he hangs out with them all the time! The reason he’s all stripey is because...

I dunno, maybe he has a cold or something.

Look, I even drew a picture of him! Okay, fine, I hired someone to draw a picture of him.

Good, huh? I shoulda been an artist!

[Picture of a zebra with a word balloon saying "Achoo! I'b Morse! I hab a code."]

[Picture Caption]: Morse the Horse, by (some artist hired by) Hyle