San Francisco Marina
A “Luxury Megayacht?” Hyle, this is yours? What’s it doing in my Battleships puzzle?!
Well, where did you want me to park it? Lombard Street? C’mon!

The marina is crowded with yachts of all shapes and sizes, but it’s too foggy to see most of them!

This Bimaru puzzle is similar to the setup of the classic game Battleship: you must place all seven of the pictured yachts in the grid.

Yachts that span multiple squares may be placed vertically or horizontally, but not diagonally. No yachts can be adjacent to one another, including diagonally (i.e., there must be at least one empty square between squares containing different yachts).

The numbers to the right of each row and below each column represent the total number of non-empty squares in that row or column (which may be parts of multiple yachts).

Two of the 14 yacht sections are visible through the fog: these have been pre-filled for you and cannot be moved.

Hyle appears to have written in some additional content to the left of the grid that isn’t part of a normal Bimaru puzzle.

[NOTE: Emoji are used to approximate the shapes in the PDF version of the puzzle. These emoji may differ slightly in color and shape from those in the PDF. This is not part of the puzzle; in the event of a discrepancy, the shapes in the PDF are the "correct" versions.]

Part 2, Chapter 12, Paragraph 4, Sentence 3 (of 3), Word 62 (of 66) ➡️⏹️3
Pt. 1, Ch. 2, Par. 17, Sent. 3, Wd. 3 ➡️1
Pt. 3, Ch. 17, Par. 1, Sent. 1, Wd. 20 ➡️3
Pt. 1, Ch. 2, Par. 17, Sent. 2, Wd. 4 ➡️2
Pt. 4, Ch. 24, Par. 4, Sent. 3, Wd. 2 ➡️1
Pt. 1, Ch. 3, Par. 4, Sent. 1, Wd. 3 ➡️1
Pt. 2, Ch. 9, Par. 6, Sent. 2, Wd. 10 ➡️3

Yachts to place:

Note: the shapes already placed in the grid are included in those pictured here; there are 7 yachts and 14 shapes total in the grid.

↪️ ⏹️ ⏹️ ↩️ 1x Hyle’s Luxury Megayacht (4 spaces)

↪️ ⏹️ ↩️ 1x Luxury Superyacht (3 spaces)

↪️ ↩️ ↪️ ↩️ 2x Luxury Yachts (2 spaces each)

⭕ ⭕ ⭕ 3x Small Yachts (1 space each)

All squares in the grid are one of four types:

🗙 Empty square/open water

⭕ Circle (must be surrounded by water)

↩️ Ship end (ship must continue along flat edge)

⏹️ Ship middle (ship must continue in two opposite directions, vertically or horizontally)