Check out how I made a monkey out of Hand!

All right, Hyle: what am I supposed to do to solve this? There’s no grid; there’s no clues; there’s no puzzle!

It’s easy! You see the answer box up there? That’s where you enter your answer. And for this puzzle, you just type in anything!

What do you mean, "anything?"

I mean anything! What do you like, you like goody two-shoes stuff like "generosity" or “charity” or “helping out your neighbor”? It doesn’t matter! You can literally type in anything and it’ll be the correct answer!


You’re a big fat liar, Hyle.

I most certainly am not! I mean, I usually am, but not this time!

Oh, yeah? Then how come I tried typing in “humility,” and “philanthropy,” and even “the milk of human kindness,” and none of them worked?

HEHEHEHE!!! I guess you didn’t follow my instructions closely enough!😈😈😈