Balboa Theater
Hyle! You tore all my movie trivia clues in half?!
Relax, Hand! I taped’em back together again! I… may have gotten them a bit mixed up, but who cares? Hollywood movies are all derivative anyway! I bet they won’t even notice!

There are so many great movies set in San Francisco! But there are even more set elsewhere across the country!

Hyle has torn Hand’s movie trivia questions in half and taped them back together again! Unfortunately, he seems to have put them back together incorrectly, so each question below represents the first half of one question stuck to the second half of a different question. Where the breaks occur is for you to determine.

To further confuse you, Hyle has removed some internal punctuation from the questions.

1) An iconic Manhattan retailer is turned upside-down by Ben Affleck and Matthew McConaughey running amok?

2) David Bowie, of all people, plays one of Santa’s helpers in what film?

3) In what 1986 movie does a teenager hoodwink the adults in his life so he can play football at Notre Dame?

4) In what film does a dyslexic boy live his dream of playing Oscar?

5) In what film does a parolee plan to score millions by hiring an assortment of these motherf***ing snakes on this motherf***ing plane?

6) What 1972 Western — the fourth in its series — sees an alcoholic alien in what cult film classic?

7) What 1993 movie featured Parker Posey and her neighbor’s yard?

8) What movie earned Martin Scorsese his first specialists, small-time crooks, and ne’er-do-wells?

9) What movie introduced the phrase how in the name of hooky?

10) What movie is all about one line: I have had it with Lee Van Cleef taking over the role Yul Brynner played in the original?

11) What Oscar-winning film begins with a retiree driving her car into Zeus’s butthole?

Once you’ve identified the 11 films, arrange your answers from [Chapter 18, Section 1, Paragraph 19 (of 21), Sentence 3 (of 3), Word 29 (of 30)] to [Chapter 9, Section 2, Paragraph 2, Sentence 10 (of 10), Word 11], then take the [Chapter 4, Section 3, Paragraph 1, Sentence 3, Word 24] letter of the [Chapter 12, Section 7, Paragraph 23, Sentence 7, Words 13-14] to get your answer.