555 California Street
What is this?! A brochure for the… “International Bank of Hyle?!” This is supposed to be a money math puzzle!
It still is, Hand! There’s money! There’s math! And if I can get enough of them to open a checking account, there’s a big payday in it for me! Win-win!!!

Even though the bank departed in 1998, this skyscraper is still often referred to as “Bank of America Tower.”

Hyle has altered Hand’s “money math” puzzle into a brochure for his newest get-rich-quick scheme!

International Bank of Hyle

Are you the CEO of a corporation that needs to file a “reorganization bankruptcy” (under [A] of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code)? We can help! Contact us today!

Need cash? We can help! Our five-year CDs are a great way to grow your money! For example, if you put just $25 into a five-year CD at our current APY of 1.55% (compounded annually), after the five years were up, you’d have almost exactly $ [B] ! Just think what you could do with all that extra dough!

If you’ve been in an accident, we can help! Did you know that the average car repair costs $19,683*? On the other hand, the amount of time it takes to pay off our average new-car loans (in years) is just one-third of one-third of one-third of one-third of one-third of one-third of one-third of that! Just a mere [F] years!

*Rounded up to the nearest $19,683.

Hate fees? We can help! All our checking accounts feature unlimited fee-free withdrawals and deposits! So if you have $10 in your account, and then withdraw $5 in quarters to go play 16 games of Pac-Man at the retro arcade down the street (where play still only costs one quarter), and you re-deposit the remainder, and then withdraw half of your balance the next day, take it to the casino and triple it, then spend four bucks on a hot dog on your way back to the bank, where you re-deposit everything that’s left, you’ll still pay zero fees, so you’ll still have $ [C] in your account!

Thinking of launching a presidential campaign? Well, don’t forget that legally, you have to be [D] years old to serve as U.S. President, but if that’s you, we can help manage your campaign funds! Talk to a representative today!

Remember the TV show M*A*S*H? Remember that wacky cross-dressing Corporal Klinger? What many people don’t remember is that he was cross-dressing to try to get a [E] Discharge from the army! Luckily, this discriminatory type of discharge is no longer practiced, but if you’re looking to buy classic TV memorabilia, we can help! Why not consider a bank loan?

Looking for the 13th Floor? We can’t help! Like most U.S. office buildings, 555 California Street doesn’t have one! But if you jog up 12 flights of stairs from the first floor, you can get to the [G]th floor instead! And get some cardio, too!

Looking for the answer to this puzzle? We can help!

Visit [A], Paragraph [B], Word [C];

followed by Chapter [D], [E], Paragraph [F], Word [G]!