16th Avenue Tiled Steps
Hyle, what did you do to my word ladder?!
It’s the 16th Avenue Tiled STEPS, not the 16th Avenue Tiled LADDER, you moron! So I just tilted it to the side a little! Besides, steps are much safer than ladders! You wouldn’t want them to slip at the top and flop all the way down like a fish, would you?

Beautiful to look at, but use the handrail so you don’t take a tumble!

Hyle has turned Hand’s “word ladder” into a “word staircase,” with a twist.

Squares (or “tiles”) in the same column almost always contain the same letter (like how the “L” in “HELM” is directly above the “Ls” in “ELMO” and “LION” in the example below).

But nine tiles hidden throughout the staircase break this pattern, containing a letter that doesn’t match either the letter above the tile or the (different) letter below the tile, like the yellow tile in this example:

HELMWarrior's Headgear
ELMORed Sesame Street Muppet
LIONMGM's movie mascot

Can you identify the nine “broken” tiles and use them to find the solution?

NOTEMusical pitch (anagram of ETON)
“He ____ friend of mine!” (2 wds.)
Amer. Auto. _____ (abbr.)
Old witches
Drink quickly
Yearn (for)
Cartoon explorer
Asgardian Avenger
Palindromic Tom Hanks title role (2022)
Noted suffragette Lucretia
Chaotic uprising
Roughly (2 wds.)
Screws up
“Makes sense to me.” (2 wds.)
Facial feature
Tolkien creatures
Result of an automotive mishap, maybe
“Ye ____ Shoppe”
Body of water
Second word of many fairy tales
Food for Who Killed Jerusalem?’s Scofield, perhaps
Painter’s need, for short
“This,” en Español
Home for certain animals
Dollar bill denominations
TONEMusical pitch (anagram of ETON)