Grizzly Bear

Sheesh, I was hoping to see some bear action. Or at least a bear walking around...grizzling. But I can barely see this bear! He’s just flat on his back behind some rocks! Honestly, from here, I can’t even tell what kind of bear he is!

All right, Chumps! You’ve made it this far, you should be able to figure things out without having them spoon-fed to you. So here’s all I’m gonna say:

1) There are six 5-letter answers.

2) They’re in the grid, with one letter in each row. The first letters of all six answers are in the top row, the second letters are all in the second row, etc.

3) The letters in each row are in alphabetical order. So you’ll have to pull letters from different columns as you go down the grid to make your words.

4) One of the six answers is not like the others. Gee, I wonder which one is the correct answer?