Coit Tower
This puzzle is called “Categories,” Hyle! That means the categories are supposed to be labeled! How can they sort the items into categories if you took away the labels?!
Hand, I am mortally offended! I would never, EVER, take away the category labels from a game of Categories! See? I put them all right here in a list on Page 1. Honestly, I can’t believe you’d accuse me of taking away something as vital as the categories… especially when I already took away the names of all the items IN the categories!

Coit Tower is perched atop Telegraph Hill, just one of the famous “Seven Hills of San Francisco.”

Hyle has removed almost all of the labels from the categories (colored, rounded rectangles) in the chart on the next page, and listed them in alphabetical order below. He’s also replaced the items in those categories with a mix of pictures, shaded boxes, and book lookups. Can you match the labels to their categories, and fill the missing items into the shaded boxes to complete this complex Venn diagram?

Note: The colors of the category borders are a visual aid only and are not important to the puzzle.


· Animals Often Featured in Halloween Decorations

· Female Animals

· “___________ Four”

· Insects

· Medical Professionals

· Musical Notes (e.g., Do, Re, Mi)


· Names for California Cities

· Nouns or Adjectives You Might Use to Describe a Grouchy Person

· Terms Used in Baseball

· Types of Sharks

· Synonyms for “Great”

· U.S. Laundry Detergent Brands Popular in the 1980s

· Ways to Go Places

· Words Before “-man” in Superhero Names

· Words Meaning “Joy” or “Joyful”

· Words That Sound Like “D’oh!”

· Words That Sound Like Names of Alphabet Letters

· Words That Rhyme with “Tab”

[Page 2 of the puzzle PDF shows a visual representation of the listed categories and their contents]